Sports Spirit Lifted

So normally I do not post about professional sports on this blog but on this rare occasion I will… I am a suffering Dolphin fan and have been since the beginning of time itself. Yes, all the way back from the Big Bang or Creation (which ever you choose to believe). And as a suffering fan each and every year we seem to get excited about a the prospects of our team only to be disappointed once the season starts. Well this year is no different. I still find myself on the edge of my seat each game, praying and trying to will a Fins victory. 

I was asked today why I don’t just pick another team? I looked at this person as I have in the past in amazement that they would even consider this an option at all. I’m actually shocked that is even in the deck of cards as an option to be played. Like many suffering DolFans we simply cannot fathom the thought of jumping ship. Now yes, there are a rare few that don’t have green and orange coursing through their veins, but they aren’t real fans anyway (sell outs). Today I wore my colors because I screamed at the TV on Sunday and the Fins heard me. After a complete shut out for 3 quarters, the Fins found a way to pull off two TD’s in the final five minutes of the final quarter to take the lead and win. Yay Fins!!!

Now there is no deep meaning that I plan to extract or some novel phylisophical revelation ready to drop and shatter your concept of reality. No, there is only that I, a suffering DolFan is feeling pretty good our comeback win and a 5 game winning streak. So there, I said it!
Lets go Dolphins!!!

This is what it looks like…

Donuts are not made, they are created with focus and with purpose. It’s an investment that when done right give dividends and returns everlasting. 

It requires discipline and determination along with leadership of ones self. A focus like no other born from deep within your spirit. It demands a wantingness and a desire that can only be quenched by results. 

And once you have truly committed, results become your slave and you can command them at will. Even when panting in exhaustion, you can will results into existence at the time and place of your choosing. It is no longer fair, its DOMINANCE…. 

I dominate these Donuts and they will produce more… Bigger, better, faster, more effective, and with purpose. Now… “Run Tell That!” And “Come Get Some!”