Breakfast anyone?

My  day has to start somewhere and most times with someone. Today the someone was me. Yep, it started with me hanging out with myself and because I was such great company for me, I decided to cook me a breakfast. So here it it is…

A three egg omelette with smoked cheddar, Swiss, onions, green and red shell peppers, smoked turkey sausage with two slices of cinnamon raisin toast that’s lightly buttered. What can’t be seen is the cup of expresso freshly prepared with a swath of extra creamy whip cream.

You see it’s just what I wanted and just like I wanted it.

So the question that I have is why can’t life serve me the same plate? Instead what I get is hot garbge served on a plate of maggots. The problem is that it’s masked in a cloak of kind words, promises, commitments, well wishes, ataboys, I gotchu’s, and the like.

So rather than look for life to serve me I must choose to serve life. I will approach life with humility  and with honor. I will deliver on my kind words with deeds that fulfill promises, commitments, well wishes, ataboys, I gotchu’s and the like. I choose to rise above lowered standards and create my own hurdles except mine will be polevault high.  Yeah, I’ll serve life to those that I love and that love me. I’ll make their today happy with the kinds of food prepared well with love and good intentions. I’ll plate it with garnishes of kind words, fulfilled promises, commitments, well wishes, ataboys, I gotchu’s and the like.

It will be easy and you will love it. Any takers?