I found a place in existence that rests between here and there. 

It’s a subtle place dusted and painted with grey, orange, and blue. 

Its a place that is ever present, 

But can only be seen at a distance, clearly visibly but yet intangible. 

It pleases me and provides release and reflection. 

It holds my souls eye captive and my imagination hostage. 

I’m transformed by its willingness to invade my appreciation. 

I can feel its serenity as a continuous stream of peace and tranquility. 

It touches me from afar in the most intimate of ways. 

Its strength immerses itself into the depths of my heart and mind, 

And I graciously and willingly grant permission.
This place ever so gracefully changes before my eyes,

As a continuous stream of wonder serenity and joy.

I willingly yield my worries to it and hasten to deliver my stress at its alter.

I dare not look away! 

Being captivated and captured over and over by both the detail, abstract, and cadence,

Its searches my soul making and planting eternal promises that delight me.

This place screams at me with its soft voice shoving my will into places of joy.

I am enticed by its depth and kind offering of all things good.

Now suspended and entranced, hope and desire fills all vacant places in my soul.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Join me when you can, I’ll be here for a while… 

Getting it ready…

I am sooooo looking forward to getting out on the Big Blue… so a good clean up in preparation for dragging baits tomorrow is well underway… 

It’s all about the Salt Lyle Baby!!!

Shout out to The LeadFoot and Lady Diana… we’ve gotta plan to meat at the sandbar!

Mr. Powel, are we gonna do this or what?

“Sweet-Manaetuh Pies”

So yesterday afternoon I walked BabyGirl through making homemade from scratch Sweet Potato Pies (Sweet-Manaetuh Pies as I call them)… 

This is the way my Grandma Nita showed me years ago. I’ve now passed this down to both my children. There isn’t an exact recipie though so don’t even ask…

Oh my Oh my, soooooo good! 

Lil Bro Video – Phillipines

What a time, what a time!!!

Life is full of adventures that are intended and unintended. For me and this dude (Ritesh), we are both determined to live a purposes life full of intention. And yes, along the way we will also make the best of and enjoy the unintended adventures as well. 



Happy Deepawali

Sending infinite love to my Indian friends!!!

Food for Poetryy

May you shine brighter than the Sun,

Soak in this festival of lights & gaiety

Make your dreams more as your will

Blessed be you in your endeavors to come


Happy Diwali to all of you

Here are some snapshots of our Ghar-wali Diwali !

Soothing Diyas Diyas

Let there be some Natural Light :) Let there be some Natural Light 🙂

Lakshmi-Ganesha Lakshmi-Ganesha

Decked up inside Decked up inside

Pooja Pooja

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Week 1

Just reminiscing….

Johnnie Moore Jr

Week 1 –


So last week was an interesting week to say the least. It started with about 30 hours of travel to Mumbai, India. It’s interesting to me that poverty is relative. I once thought that it was clear what was poverty. My perception has changes after traveling over the years and was really cemented after last week. The truth is again, that poverty is relative.


When I was younger I remember so many immigrants to the US from Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and many other Caribbean and Latin American countries would come to the US and look down on African Americans in south Florida. This was so annoying to me at the time. How could they come to the US looking for a handout and look down on those to whom they were looking for help and a better life? As a minority myself it was also…

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The Good Stuff

I want a fist full…

A fist full of the good stuff made of smiles & happiness. I’d like to roll around carelessly in stuff laced in joy and rooted in abundance, things thoughtful, and places that are heartfelt and resilient. I want to visit happiness and bring along all the possessions and people that matter to me with full intention to turn my visit to a permanent stay.

Babies giggles, birthday surprises, the unexpected return of a loved one, winning a game of spades with a dime, the sweet sound and feel of the perfect swing and connection of ball and club, Grandma’s hugs, your child’s smile and embrace, finding cash in cloths you haven’t worn for a while, a good morning stretch from a well rested night, the angelic sound of a great singing voice, good company, Mom’s affirming smile, the first touch of your child’s diploma, the big fish that didn’t get away, a day off from work with pay… Yes, the list can go on and on.

I want to take all that into my nostrils with a deep slow breath with eyes closed, arms extended, head tilted back, and a smile on my face. I want to let it flow into my lungs and fill every space, be absorbed into my life fluid and be transferred throughout my entire being bringing along with it hopes and dreams of a future full of promise then do it all over again. I want it and I will have it.

I pray that you will consider it too…

The Connection

Johnnie Moore Jr

Sometimes the opportunity to interact in a way that escapes words falls softly in our purview. It imprisons our attention and removes our desire to see or feel outside of moments framed. There is a desire only to hold that moment in tightly squeezed fists praying that time slows to a crawl in an effort to thoroughly digest each pixel, the fragrant smells, the air as it fills our lungs and wind on our skin, the size of the moment, the taste of pure pleasure. It is in these moments where we must free our conscience to become fully aware. These are the moments where we experience “LIFE”

Just Cruising Just Cruising

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Just Relax

What a relaxing day…

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed an in home vacation day. You see most days are filled with “supposed to’s”, to do’s, gotta do’s, must do’s, etc… But today I found a way to abandon normal patterns and cease upon the opportunity to do absolutely nothing. Rest, relaxation, vegetating on movies and the like. I’ve been really efficient at ensuring zero productivity with the least amount of effort and have been overwhelmingly successful. It’s highly recommended…


Confession: 04

While watching CNN I really wanted to state publicly that I like people no matter who or what people like as long as their actions are not truly damaging to others. I know people that absolutely love olives. I can’t stand the taste of olives but can’t live without olive oil. So while I won’t eat the olive I need what olives produce in my life. Everything and everyone has their contribution to our existence. Rather than deny, we should embrace.

So, shout out to the LGBT community.

I don’t have a clue how you all could like olives and many great contributors to civilization also likes olives. My preference is to never eat olives, but I cook almost everyday with the oil that the olives produce. Love is universal!!!

Just another Johnnieism…


Forward Only

I stomp hard as I walk to leave a beaten trail for those that follow.

Don’t make me bring into eye shot and into your close hearing the past that I dare not admit to some.

The real tragedy of spaghetti legs in a moment requiring fortitude, force, and fearlessness escapes me because I know not retreat.

Dare to walk in my footsteps?

Just another Johnnieism…


The Sun in Scorpio

Hmmmm… What say you?


The 8th Sign of the Zodiac is known for their intensity. They’re passionate people, who throw themselves completely into everything they do. They feel happiness completely, feel love thoroughly, feel anger intensely, and feel sorrow deeply. Whether or not they show that is another story completely.

Individuals with a Sun in Scorpio crave power – not prestige or authority – but real power, and control. They tend to work “behind the scenes,” and love it. Knowledge truly is power to Scorpios, which is why they learn as much as they can about everyone else, but share very little about themselves.

Scorpio’s are drawn to the darker side of life, and find all things occult or taboo endlessly intriguing. They are drawn to mysterious things, and mysterious people, and they love to solve the mysterious, too.

Scorpios have a natural intuition, and are known for being able to detect others’…

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I Remember…


"Just Saying”

I remember…

Remember – the choices.
Remember – to pray.
Remember – the reasons.
Remember – the experiences.
Remember – the lessons.
Remember – the love.

Life comes with various challenges, some good and some bad. Whatever the case may be, in every situation pray because prayer changes things and love the life you live. Remember the reasons affect the choices and experiences add up to lessons learned.


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