My BabyGirl…

My Baby Girl ready for her very first day in school 13 very short years ago…

The most beautiful of creation indeed! Tears… lots of tears. She will be going off to University in just a few days. How will I be able to breathe?

Conversation with Jigga (African Grey Parrot)

I’m on a conference call with colleagues in Mumbai, India …
Me: Jigga, why are you making so much noise and won’t shut up even though I covered your cage?
Jigga: You heard me?
Me: Yes I heard you, that’s why I’m fussing you out right now. I need you to keep you mouth closed.
Jigga: I love you
Me: I love you too, but I still need you to be quite when I’m on conference calls.
Jigga: You heard me?
Me: Yes I heard you and this is precisely the problem.
Jigga: What?
Me: You heard me!
Then I realized that I was actually having a full out conversation with a dang bird.
Jigga: Wsup? You crazy bird!
Me: No you’re the crazy bird!
I laugh and we both give each other kisses. Does this mean that we made up? Sheesh… He is literally like a bad ass child that is absolutely adorable so you let him get his way. Honestly can’t imagine Jigga not being in my life…
Crazy Bird!!!

Jigga Ray Moore