Fall in South Florida 

Oh my, my, my… Come’on you just have to appreciate paradise! 

I was driving back home from physical therapy and just took in the lovely weather and tropical paradise in which we, South Floridians, get to enjoy. 

Yeah, I ain’t living anywhere else… Yeah, pretty much that’s it!

Business Travel Flow…

Not sure what this is so funny to me. Click link for video.
Check it out, moving between gates…

Business travel is sometimes funny IF, and only if you are in a comedic mood. I have a great. Most times I am and I mostly laugh at travelers. All the weird quirks and mannerisms to include:

  1. nose picking
  2. booger eating
  3. eye booger picking
  4. sneezing or coughing in hands followed by wiping on pants
  5. General body part scratching (men and women, you would be amazed)
  6. the directionally challenged
  7. etc…

For me it’s pretty much a routine and methodical. It’s like a executing a well drafted plan. Even when things go wrong I always have a plan and a routine. I’m rarely frustrated or angry. 

So today I’m on my way to YYZ (Toronto) and because I have priority I’ve boarded first. But as always I end up with many butts and crotches way to close for comfort and everyone and then my shoulder gets molested… (laughing). Seriously folks boarding the plane bump me with luggage coats, kids, and crotches…. Yep… It’s all a pet of the travel flow!

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Happy Deepawali

Sending infinite love to my Indian friends!!!

Food for Poetryy

May you shine brighter than the Sun,

Soak in this festival of lights & gaiety

Make your dreams more as your will

Blessed be you in your endeavors to come


Happy Diwali to all of you

Here are some snapshots of our Ghar-wali Diwali !

Soothing Diyas Diyas

Let there be some Natural Light :) Let there be some Natural Light 🙂

Lakshmi-Ganesha Lakshmi-Ganesha

Decked up inside Decked up inside

Pooja Pooja

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