Thinking Cap

Today has been a conflicted day. While I’m focussed and also possitive overall, I’m conflicted by type A personalities who care less about details and who attempt to simply bend the truth to fit a predisposed position or outcome. I mean they do this even when the data and detail would steer otherwise.

This is why having a good Thinking Cap matters. I’m determined to stand on facts and data to inform my decisions and it’s gonna be very difficult for others to sway me even as they float around on wishes.

My Thinking Cap

What do you see❓

As soon as I think that I have me figured out, I show myself yet another part of me and realize that my journey is still in its infancy. I’m not always easy to understand although most believe they know me. I often wonder who I am to others. How do they see me? What would it be like to see me through their eyes? What if I could just snap a pic and capture me in a single frame? Could I then see sit down and study each pixel looking for signs and scenes, now and thens, strengths and weaknesses, lights and darks, rises and falls, losses and victories, love and disdain, pain and joy, illness and healing, failure and recovery, friend and foe, etc… 

I took a pic and realized that I’m going to need many more lifetimes to truly see and understand me. So, what do you see❓