Just a Walk

Nice warm up walk for the day. Airpod Pros did well to afford a nice catch up call with a very good friend. Also helped to pass the time. Was a beautiful morning and several out walking, running, or biking. Sweat, circulation, critical thinking, etc… Was nice, very very nice.

It will work if you work it!

This evening I needed to get the blood flowing again and my newly found therapeutic was well needed and we’ll deserved. I treated myself to 1 hour of Vinyasa.

60 minutes in 30 seconds

Was a very nice day indeed….

Good Work

Tough ride today… hard to get started but then it was a burst of energy. On my return had some face wind and was facing traffic with lights…. didn’t do so well on the return. But overall I pushed through and feel good about the work I put in today.

Road Cycling- Great Workout

This is what it looks like…

Donuts are not made, they are created with focus and with purpose. It’s an investment that when done right give dividends and returns everlasting. 

It requires discipline and determination along with leadership of ones self. A focus like no other born from deep within your spirit. It demands a wantingness and a desire that can only be quenched by results. 

And once you have truly committed, results become your slave and you can command them at will. Even when panting in exhaustion, you can will results into existence at the time and place of your choosing. It is no longer fair, its DOMINANCE…. 

I dominate these Donuts and they will produce more… Bigger, better, faster, more effective, and with purpose. Now… “Run Tell That!” And “Come Get Some!”