Forward Only

I stomp hard as I walk to leave a beaten trail for those that follow.

Don’t make me bring into eye shot and into your close hearing the past that I dare not admit to some.

The real tragedy of spaghetti legs in a moment requiring fortitude, force, and fearlessness escapes me because I know not retreat.

Dare to walk in my footsteps?

Just another Johnnieism…


The Sun in Scorpio

Hmmmm… What say you?


The 8th Sign of the Zodiac is known for their intensity. They’re passionate people, who throw themselves completely into everything they do. They feel happiness completely, feel love thoroughly, feel anger intensely, and feel sorrow deeply. Whether or not they show that is another story completely.

Individuals with a Sun in Scorpio crave power – not prestige or authority – but real power, and control. They tend to work “behind the scenes,” and love it. Knowledge truly is power to Scorpios, which is why they learn as much as they can about everyone else, but share very little about themselves.

Scorpio’s are drawn to the darker side of life, and find all things occult or taboo endlessly intriguing. They are drawn to mysterious things, and mysterious people, and they love to solve the mysterious, too.

Scorpios have a natural intuition, and are known for being able to detect others’…

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I Remember…


"Just Saying”

I remember…

Remember – the choices.
Remember – to pray.
Remember – the reasons.
Remember – the experiences.
Remember – the lessons.
Remember – the love.

Life comes with various challenges, some good and some bad. Whatever the case may be, in every situation pray because prayer changes things and love the life you live. Remember the reasons affect the choices and experiences add up to lessons learned.


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