Confession: 07

I really really really don’t like unhappy people.

This often imposes some level of discomfort because they live among us and are unavoidable. Now I’m not referring to the people that have real cause for their “temporary discomfort” and have a living expression of their sadness as a result of tragedy. I’m referring specifically to the chronically angry, sad, resentful, or otherwise purposely grumpy people. For them I have very little compassion or understanding but rather contempt and disgust. These are the bottom dwellers and parasites that feed on the life joy of those around them. They always have a reason to be the victim. They look for and cease upon each and every opportunity to complain and sew seeds of discord. They are the ready made salt deposit waiting to fall in a wound. They leave a trail of disaster, wrecked relationships, pain, frustration, backbiting, deceits, etc… And that for starters… 

If you know what to look for, these people are so easy to spot because they seem to leave evidence all around them that clearly reveals their presence. Their friends have to watch what they say around them for fear that they may hurt their feelings, or bring on a temper tantrum of whining and self imposed victimization. Their loved ones live suppressed lives and are incapable of having the freedom to express their desires to do do or be different, to try new things, or to meet new people without opening themselves up to ridicule. Their children either retreat into themselves and really never embrace all the joys of growing up or they plot and plan to experience the oftentimes negative extremes of life whenever they can escape the purview of their victimizers. 

I pray for them often hoping for their deliverance from themselves. I wish and want for their freedom from their own chains. I look for windows of opportunity to free them if they are open for rescue. However I refuse to allow them to bring me into their world. Sometimes allowing some time and space away from these folks is a simple prescription that brings about immediate results. 

In the end we are personally responsible for our own happiness, and to settle for anything other than complete peace, fault can only be placed on ourselves. You see, it is imparative that we purposely live a life of purpose, seeking out and taking full possession of our own happiness. It’s only then that we can also infect others with our commitment to living a joy filled life.

Good luck on your journey…. 

Read Moore…

The Good Stuff

I want a fist full…

A fist full of the good stuff made of smiles & happiness. I’d like to roll around carelessly in stuff laced in joy and rooted in abundance, things thoughtful, and places that are heartfelt and resilient. I want to visit happiness and bring along all the possessions and people that matter to me with full intention to turn my visit to a permanent stay.

Babies giggles, birthday surprises, the unexpected return of a loved one, winning a game of spades with a dime, the sweet sound and feel of the perfect swing and connection of ball and club, Grandma’s hugs, your child’s smile and embrace, finding cash in cloths you haven’t worn for a while, a good morning stretch from a well rested night, the angelic sound of a great singing voice, good company, Mom’s affirming smile, the first touch of your child’s diploma, the big fish that didn’t get away, a day off from work with pay… Yes, the list can go on and on.

I want to take all that into my nostrils with a deep slow breath with eyes closed, arms extended, head tilted back, and a smile on my face. I want to let it flow into my lungs and fill every space, be absorbed into my life fluid and be transferred throughout my entire being bringing along with it hopes and dreams of a future full of promise then do it all over again. I want it and I will have it.

I pray that you will consider it too…

The Connection

Johnnie Moore Jr

Sometimes the opportunity to interact in a way that escapes words falls softly in our purview. It imprisons our attention and removes our desire to see or feel outside of moments framed. There is a desire only to hold that moment in tightly squeezed fists praying that time slows to a crawl in an effort to thoroughly digest each pixel, the fragrant smells, the air as it fills our lungs and wind on our skin, the size of the moment, the taste of pure pleasure. It is in these moments where we must free our conscience to become fully aware. These are the moments where we experience “LIFE”

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