Breakfast anyone?

My  day has to start somewhere and most times with someone. Today the someone was me. Yep, it started with me hanging out with myself and because I was such great company for me, I decided to cook me a breakfast. So here it it is…

A three egg omelette with smoked cheddar, Swiss, onions, green and red shell peppers, smoked turkey sausage with two slices of cinnamon raisin toast that’s lightly buttered. What can’t be seen is the cup of expresso freshly prepared with a swath of extra creamy whip cream.

You see it’s just what I wanted and just like I wanted it.

So the question that I have is why can’t life serve me the same plate? Instead what I get is hot garbge served on a plate of maggots. The problem is that it’s masked in a cloak of kind words, promises, commitments, well wishes, ataboys, I gotchu’s, and the like.

So rather than look for life to serve me I must choose to serve life. I will approach life with humility  and with honor. I will deliver on my kind words with deeds that fulfill promises, commitments, well wishes, ataboys, I gotchu’s and the like. I choose to rise above lowered standards and create my own hurdles except mine will be polevault high.  Yeah, I’ll serve life to those that I love and that love me. I’ll make their today happy with the kinds of food prepared well with love and good intentions. I’ll plate it with garnishes of kind words, fulfilled promises, commitments, well wishes, ataboys, I gotchu’s and the like.

It will be easy and you will love it. Any takers?


What I needed

I got what I needed, what I wanted evaded me as darkness hides from light.
And I’m so damn satisfied.
Sometimes waiting and wanting only delivers wanting and waiting.
Like the feel of memory foam slippers fresh purchased from Brook Stone,
so is it to receive that which fills and fulfills gaps unnoticed.
Wants seemingly stand upright, broad shouldered, and in front of needs; doing their best to shield sights eye
While in the dessert alone, hungry, thirsty, tired, carrying my exhaustive portion of hopelessness my consciousness could only ask for a few dribbles of water to soften my cracked lips, cotton mouth, and dry eyes.
What I received was a way out. Indeed it was better than water.
Today’s receipt of every herb, spice, and seasoning one could think of touched my mind and soul in such a way as to turn on the switch of my realization that I could now prepare a dish of any kind. Yeah, a little of this and a little of that will do.
It was what I needed… While not sure what “arrow root”is or how or when its use would be justified, it will lie in wait for the essential moment when I need it.
Heck, I might just find use for it so that I don’t have to wait or want…
My life has its abundance of opportunities to deliver savory flavor to lives of those in my purview and yes, even beyond and I will do so now with astute confidence.
I will take precious time to smell the aromas and taste what’s missing and carefully reach onto the spice shelf for whats missing…
Correction… I will carefully reach onto the newly introduced spice shelf for whats needed,
Being precise in both delivery and quantity by a careful and loving hand I will decorate
The flavors of life with a passion for healing, love, happiness, contentment, peace, success, and joy.
For my service my requirement is simply to be loved in return.
Johnnie Moore

Now what???

You see sometime life feels like waves of heat and cold alternating to confuse your senses. Yeah, it’s strange how things play themselves out and how you can find grace and peace in the fiery center of an angry swarm of yellow jackets, and yet sit restless in a field of soft grass spotted with cute daisies with a turquoise sky well bedded with fluffy white clouds.

We want what we want, we see what we see and we feel what we feel. Reality is bent towards our perception and seems to flow just outside of what we really desire. We’ve, at least I’ve, chased an alternate reality for some time hoping to align these parallel truths.

My efforts are only rewarded in spots and moments where my desires and my reality cross. It is these moments that I yearn for, push for, live for, and for which I strive. You see they keep me going like the perfect stroke of the golf club that produces the perfect sound of ball and sweet spot coming together for that ear and eye candy drive that sails straight and true landing ever so softly in the center of the fairway. Like the joke among friends that seems to grow with each contribution from loved ones. It just seems to string along so gracefully keeping you bent over or bent back in laughter barely finding breath between chuckles. Like the quiet cup of joe in the morning when all is still quiet and uninterrupted and you are on time, hell ahead of time for once. Like the smile of a daughter just before an embrace who wants nothing and is expecting nothing except to be happy to see you.

As stated, I live for these moments and I love them. I only wish I could string more of them  together consecutively.

One day I will… One day I will…

Political me

The following was posted on FB relevant to president Obama’s announcement of his support of gay marriage.

“The dogmatic and hard line approach on some of these things are reminiscent of a purist nature that historically has been the very basis for ethnic cleansing, religious persecution, rating women as second class citizens, etc… All the horrors of human history have been based on a self centered entitlement to and a feeling of obligation to impose ones will and beliefs upon another. I say live and let live. What does allowing people to “marry” in this case take away from all other at a practical and functional level. The answer is clear… “absolutely nothing”. I think people should free themselves of the tension that comes from being entitled to control or deny another a privilege. Although I don’t understand how the heck a man could want another man, I refuse to get between them… yes “pun” intended!”

Your thoughts???