Fathers Day 2017

‪Thank you BabyGirl… just remember that you are cut from the same cloth…. And it is surely and amazing cloth that finds its way to become better and better with time!!‬

Just a taste

You see I’m a rich man… rich on life. I’ve been through enough in life to carefully carve out a firm broad foundation yet haven’t lost my mind. I’ve been praised and cursed, loved and hated, and loved again. Things like betrayal, disappointment, being underestimated, unappreciated, underrated and exaggerated have all visited me. All have their place in my past yet have all emboldened and informed my future. I am a man of passion and decision. Clear and consideration is my focus on my desires. I am one who enjoys the taste of victory but only if fairly secured and only boasts on the inside.

In life I want more than just a taste…. I want a mouthful of sustenance and enduring victory… I want never ending portions of victory’s mana. I want to feel all of my days, moments, and memories. Seizing joy from moments good or bad and enjoying the flavor of true victory is my norm. Unlike some, I’m willing to fight for it and take with intelligent ferocity, peace of mind and prosperity. I am a simple man, but with complex ways and unlimited means and infinite determination.

Ok, that’s it for now… I’m going to sit back now at poolside on the 11 story rooftop of a very pleasant hotel near Manila Airport in the Philippines and enjoy this mango shake, live music, and amazingly refreshing breeze.

Take care for now until my next post.


Us Two On The Big Blue

I love this dude right here… I swear he is one of the coolest dudes I know. I thank God every day for him.

We went out and had great time snatching them up, but all the super good stuff we had to release. We follow all the regulations to the letter. Let them live and catch them when they get bigger. Such a beautiful fish….

When I gear up for the Big Blue it just feels good it fills my soul in ways words cannot explain… I just cant get enough…

Joshua – My Breath and Blood

Oftentimes folks say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Some times they are worth a million words… Sharing just a quick view of my mini-me, My Amazing son. I over love him. He is both my breath and my blood.






My BabyGirl…

My Baby Girl ready for her very first day in school 13 very short years ago…

The most beautiful of creation indeed! Tears… lots of tears. She will be going off to University in just a few days. How will I be able to breathe?

A Gift to Myself

There is no greater gift than to be where you want to be, doing what you want to do, and with whom you want to do it. At this moment it is sitting on the rooftop of Hotel Farnese in Roma, Italy with my daughter who has recently graduated with honors from high school having a simple breakfast and drafting this blog post while she watches her favorite YouTubers. 

I was sharing with my daughter that oftentimes people fail to prioritize experiencing the moment. They simply are not aware that they could or even should be aware of their “now”. There is a healing effect from sincerely beginning self aware. Feeling the realization that you are alive and becoming aware of your breath and heartbeat and sensations of feeling, the air on your skin, and the unique sounds all around you. Becoming aware of your own thoughts so much so that you can actually control them. 

Sobering are the moments that you realize that you “are”, that you exist. 

I also shared with her that you can then slowly expand your awareness outside of yourself and notice all the life and lives around you both animate and inanimate, for all things expire from their current form or way of being. You see, real life is not experienced in the yesterdays or the tomorrows. It is captured in the now. This is where futures are drafted and memories carved. For those very close to me they often hear that I am keen to experience moments and create memories. 

I will be that old cool ass gent sitting someday in a rocking chair (maybe on the Moon or Mars) with grandchildren around laughing and enjoying themselves. And I’ll have this mischievous or even playful grin on my face as I relive, in my mind, some of the very best memories and moments. I’ll watch the birth of my son and hesitantly cut the squishy umbilical cord, hold him in my hands counting fingers and toes and making sure that both of his eyes are looking at me. I’ll relive my daughters first day of school where she joyfully bounced and skipped off to join the other children when I was expecting and even wanting her to throw herself off the ground because she didn’t want to leave us. I’ll remember my dad’s phone call out of the blue sharing how proud he was of my accomplishments and more over the kind of man I had become. I’ll remember the many intimate moments where time screeched to a halt with bursts of motions of love and eye gazes along with intertwined spirits that seemed to defy gravity, space, and time. I’ll remember the love of, and pleasures of those that have transcended into the next life. I’ll remember everything!!! Each and every detail with precision and in full color leaving no detail without distinction. After all, what else can I take with me as I age and hopefully in the beyond. 

It’s all about “Memories and Moments”. This is my gift to myself…
– Johnnie Moore

How to Find Your Passion

Apparently this thing called ‘Passion‘ seems to be a hot topic for most and is, in many cases overused. For me, ‘passion’ is defined as the one thing that enjoys your very best and rewards you the most. It fills you up from the inside out and is seemingly reflexive and serves you as your safe place. It’s the thing that comes easy, but you feel compelled to operate with pride. It is your thirst quencher and your warm soup on a cold day. Passions are oftentimes selfless, delivered as an outward expressions, and formed with action or activity. It is an action that fulfills a deep point of desire that begs your attention and finds its way to identify as a priority in your life.

When excersizing in your passion its likened to  
the ease of flowing down a smooth river,

like awakening comfortably from a great nights sleep,

like your sexiest outfit and a hot date,

like your favorite evening comfort beverage,

like watching a baby completely immersed in unprovoked laughter,

 – ok you got the point.
In order to find your passion you need to be open enough to try new things and to look within for evidence of inner joy and a resounding sense of accomplishment. When you are in your zone, it just feels good. Its comfortable and empowering. I’ve also learned that the people closest to you can in many cases see the signs and if asked can provide confirmation of what you would likely already know. Your passion is already within range. It is sometimes hidden clear view amongst the clustered array of “to-do’s”.

Critically your passion is and always will also be seeking you and will flash its presence from time to time pleading for your recognition and attention. It shows itself as the thing that you want to do first or save for last. Even the effort required when it comes to your passion, rewards you and seldom would you not want to share its sucesses.

Finding your passion can be simple or as complicated as you want to make it. In the end, my perspective is that you simply need to claim that which you already know. Even if it is somewhat broad in nature… Allow your passion to develop. In the meantime do the stuff that you love and the things that make you smile.

While waiting for my daughters Optometrist to finish some updates in his computer I asked him about this topic and he shared his story with me on how he found his passion. It was a very interesting story indeed… However in the end he simply said “You gotta be damn lucky”! Now I certainly believe that there is some element of luck involved, however by far the ability to feel your joyful place while pursuing life and then to make the tough decision…

Making the tough decision to walk away from people, places, and things that are in direct conflict with allowing you to pursue your passion is paramount. Draw the line in the sand and make it clear to all that your passion is you and you are your passion. Yes, its this kind of candor, determination, and discipline that will allow you to find your place in your greatness. You can be your beam of light in a dark place carrying yourself through things impossible. Then you can find balance where work is play and play is play. There will be joy in all that you do. Keep in mind though that there will always be a need to fend off tormentors, detractors, and distractors. But, if you remain focused peace and fulfillment will serve you the very best dishes and feed your soul.

I hope your enjoyed and welcome all comments…

(I asked for topics a few weeks back so that I can get back on track with my blog and this topic was one given by Jessy Guevara. Thanks for the topic Jessy!)

In the Wind

There’s a quote that I’ve memorized for which I don’t know the true author. And that quote is “Freedom is the road seldom traveled by the multitude”. 

Oftentimes people don’t even know that they are in fact trapped. Trapped by the wilds of life itself. Some good, some bad, but all have the ability to enslave us to routines that tear us away from a free mind and spirit. Our need to feel in control binds us to repeat yesterday’s motions and interactions. It’s like that sweet golf swing that makes that sweet sound that only golfers recognize. It’s a sound, a feel, and the beautiful view of a well struck ball souring and gently finding its place right were you wanted it to land. We want that feeling again immediately afterwards like an addict trying to find that first high. Now for the record, I’ve never been high as an adult. I just wanted to state that clearly. My point is that living in our yesterday or even in our tomorrow eliminates our ability to live in the NOW. I’m learning to cease the “good stuff” from my NOW and ensure that I recognize my NOW is the only time that I truly have. It’s about Memories and Moments. I’m learning to increase my ability to realize the moment… 

What’s happening right NOW all around me, recognize and realize the people in my NOW. I’m not just talking about loved ones. I’m talking about the family sitting next to me right now. The father, mother and daughter fumbling through books in an effort to decide which ones to purchase. The elderly couple that just purchased their favorite hot beverage from the barista. My beautiful daughter studying next to me. I can tell that she is so frustrated and forcing herself to read/study. My mom sitting across from me with her glasses on the bridge of her nose studying stitch diagrams likely to be useful to her for some of her handmade jewelry that she makes. The mother and daughter just smiling at each other while awaiting the mothers latte also standing at the barista. The smell of coffee and new books… Mmmmm…….

You see sometimes you have to really realize the moment that you are in. Focus on your NOW, take in all that it is for you and to you. We are alive, not in our past or in our future… In fact we are only alive in our NOW! I’m trying to breathe in my NOW, see my NOW, smell my NOW, touch my NOW, Taste in my NOW, and feel my NOW. 

I would like for everyone to stop where you are right NOW to embrace and realize your NOW. Because truth be told your NOW is but a moment and will soon be …….. In the Wind

Good reading…

Confession: 07

I really really really don’t like unhappy people.

This often imposes some level of discomfort because they live among us and are unavoidable. Now I’m not referring to the people that have real cause for their “temporary discomfort” and have a living expression of their sadness as a result of tragedy. I’m referring specifically to the chronically angry, sad, resentful, or otherwise purposely grumpy people. For them I have very little compassion or understanding but rather contempt and disgust. These are the bottom dwellers and parasites that feed on the life joy of those around them. They always have a reason to be the victim. They look for and cease upon each and every opportunity to complain and sew seeds of discord. They are the ready made salt deposit waiting to fall in a wound. They leave a trail of disaster, wrecked relationships, pain, frustration, backbiting, deceits, etc… And that for starters… 

If you know what to look for, these people are so easy to spot because they seem to leave evidence all around them that clearly reveals their presence. Their friends have to watch what they say around them for fear that they may hurt their feelings, or bring on a temper tantrum of whining and self imposed victimization. Their loved ones live suppressed lives and are incapable of having the freedom to express their desires to do do or be different, to try new things, or to meet new people without opening themselves up to ridicule. Their children either retreat into themselves and really never embrace all the joys of growing up or they plot and plan to experience the oftentimes negative extremes of life whenever they can escape the purview of their victimizers. 

I pray for them often hoping for their deliverance from themselves. I wish and want for their freedom from their own chains. I look for windows of opportunity to free them if they are open for rescue. However I refuse to allow them to bring me into their world. Sometimes allowing some time and space away from these folks is a simple prescription that brings about immediate results. 

In the end we are personally responsible for our own happiness, and to settle for anything other than complete peace, fault can only be placed on ourselves. You see, it is imparative that we purposely live a life of purpose, seeking out and taking full possession of our own happiness. It’s only then that we can also infect others with our commitment to living a joy filled life.

Good luck on your journey…. 

Read Moore…