3 thoughts on “Blueberry Mojito-o-Clock

  1. Here we go….

    Squeeze lime in to glass and add desired amount of mint leaves. I happen to like more that less mint. Muddle very well. Add ice, abs then add Malibu, Bacardi, blueberry purée, and simple syrup. Stir vigorously. Finish with Dark Morello Chery and Pomegranate San Peligrino, stir very softly, garnish with fresh blueberries, whole mint leaf, and lime slice.

    Important to note that this drink can get away from you. I don’t know exact amounts of each because I don’t measure. I can just tell from the pour of how much should be there. Too little lime or too much can kill the drink. Too little or too much simple syrup can kill the drink. Don’t worry too much about the Rums… to little abs you still have a refreshing drink. Too much and you get happier faster (hahahaha).

    Anyway, enjoy and please do let me know your thoughts by commenting below if you try it.


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