Conversation with Jigga (African Grey Parrot)

I’m on a conference call with colleagues in Mumbai, India …
Me: Jigga, why are you making so much noise and won’t shut up even though I covered your cage?
Jigga: You heard me?
Me: Yes I heard you, that’s why I’m fussing you out right now. I need you to keep you mouth closed.
Jigga: I love you
Me: I love you too, but I still need you to be quite when I’m on conference calls.
Jigga: You heard me?
Me: Yes I heard you and this is precisely the problem.
Jigga: What?
Me: You heard me!
Then I realized that I was actually having a full out conversation with a dang bird.
Jigga: Wsup? You crazy bird!
Me: No you’re the crazy bird!
I laugh and we both give each other kisses. Does this mean that we made up? Sheesh… He is literally like a bad ass child that is absolutely adorable so you let him get his way. Honestly can’t imagine Jigga not being in my life…
Crazy Bird!!!

Jigga Ray Moore