Just Me 06-28-12


Johnnie Moore Jr

It’s apparent that today is truly a good day. I’m not at liberty to share some of the whys, but I am will to say this:


“Trouble has found its pace in the far reaches of the universe, however it is clear to me that it is now a far off and that balance, and truth, and righteousness currently prevail in my space. They fed me plentifully with patience and peace. I’m not moved to do or to say, only to be. And right now being is soothing to the soul. Being allows me to exist in the space that has been designed ever so carefully and specifically for me. My space is comfortably suited to allow me to engage, and to absorb, and to express without the consideration for external contaminants. I’m at peace and existing far beyond existence and I love it!”


So with that said…

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Week 1

Just reminiscing….

Johnnie Moore Jr

Week 1 –


So last week was an interesting week to say the least. It started with about 30 hours of travel to Mumbai, India. It’s interesting to me that poverty is relative. I once thought that it was clear what was poverty. My perception has changes after traveling over the years and was really cemented after last week. The truth is again, that poverty is relative.


When I was younger I remember so many immigrants to the US from Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and many other Caribbean and Latin American countries would come to the US and look down on African Americans in south Florida. This was so annoying to me at the time. How could they come to the US looking for a handout and look down on those to whom they were looking for help and a better life? As a minority myself it was also…

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