In the Wind

There’s a quote that I’ve memorized for which I don’t know the true author. And that quote is “Freedom is the road seldom traveled by the multitude”. 

Oftentimes people don’t even know that they are in fact trapped. Trapped by the wilds of life itself. Some good, some bad, but all have the ability to enslave us to routines that tear us away from a free mind and spirit. Our need to feel in control binds us to repeat yesterday’s motions and interactions. It’s like that sweet golf swing that makes that sweet sound that only golfers recognize. It’s a sound, a feel, and the beautiful view of a well struck ball souring and gently finding its place right were you wanted it to land. We want that feeling again immediately afterwards like an addict trying to find that first high. Now for the record, I’ve never been high as an adult. I just wanted to state that clearly. My point is that living in our yesterday or even in our tomorrow eliminates our ability to live in the NOW. I’m learning to cease the “good stuff” from my NOW and ensure that I recognize my NOW is the only time that I truly have. It’s about Memories and Moments. I’m learning to increase my ability to realize the moment… 

What’s happening right NOW all around me, recognize and realize the people in my NOW. I’m not just talking about loved ones. I’m talking about the family sitting next to me right now. The father, mother and daughter fumbling through books in an effort to decide which ones to purchase. The elderly couple that just purchased their favorite hot beverage from the barista. My beautiful daughter studying next to me. I can tell that she is so frustrated and forcing herself to read/study. My mom sitting across from me with her glasses on the bridge of her nose studying stitch diagrams likely to be useful to her for some of her handmade jewelry that she makes. The mother and daughter just smiling at each other while awaiting the mothers latte also standing at the barista. The smell of coffee and new books… Mmmmm…….

You see sometimes you have to really realize the moment that you are in. Focus on your NOW, take in all that it is for you and to you. We are alive, not in our past or in our future… In fact we are only alive in our NOW! I’m trying to breathe in my NOW, see my NOW, smell my NOW, touch my NOW, Taste in my NOW, and feel my NOW. 

I would like for everyone to stop where you are right NOW to embrace and realize your NOW. Because truth be told your NOW is but a moment and will soon be …….. In the Wind

Good reading…