Thank you

Get well wishes are like the soothing, soft, and graceful press of a mothers hand on the forehead of an ailing child. It erases a layer of ones focus on the immediacy of the current situation and gathers healing energy from across the universe. It momentarily replaces negative thoughts of the worst while filling that place with encouraging balm for the heart and mind. It opens up a window to healing and acceptance of the same. It reinforces faith and disrupts discontent and worry. It allows the soul to elope with freedom and faith while repurposing ones energy to imminent success and transcendence.

Such are the many sentiments, encouragement, well wishes, prayers, love, and thoughts of those who made it a point to reach out to me with sincere concern over the last week. I would like immerse you all in my personal gratitude, thanks, and love in return for your many expressions of care.

I love being loved!

 IMG_5794 IMG_5799 IMG_5797 IMG_5825  IMG_5798

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