The Good Stuff

I want a fist full…

A fist full of the good stuff made of smiles & happiness. I’d like to roll around carelessly in stuff laced in joy and rooted in abundance, things thoughtful, and places that are heartfelt and resilient. I want to visit happiness and bring along all the possessions and people that matter to me with full intention to turn my visit to a permanent stay.

Babies giggles, birthday surprises, the unexpected return of a loved one, winning a game of spades with a dime, the sweet sound and feel of the perfect swing and connection of ball and club, Grandma’s hugs, your child’s smile and embrace, finding cash in cloths you haven’t worn for a while, a good morning stretch from a well rested night, the angelic sound of a great singing voice, good company, Mom’s affirming smile, the first touch of your child’s diploma, the big fish that didn’t get away, a day off from work with pay… Yes, the list can go on and on.

I want to take all that into my nostrils with a deep slow breath with eyes closed, arms extended, head tilted back, and a smile on my face. I want to let it flow into my lungs and fill every space, be absorbed into my life fluid and be transferred throughout my entire being bringing along with it hopes and dreams of a future full of promise then do it all over again. I want it and I will have it.

I pray that you will consider it too…

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