Week 2 – Baby Girl

This one deserves another post now that Baby Girl is 15 years old now….

Johnnie Moore Jr

Last weeks topic was somewhat heavy and this one is a bit delayed (Sorry about that). So here we go…


My baby girl just turned 14 and I’m a bit stressed about it. Ok…


  • Yes she is an A student
  • Yes she is very intelligent and articulate
  • Yes she is somewhat naive
  • Yes she’s growing up in burbs
  • Yes, she has been a bit protected and sheltered


Yeah, she missed out on the opportunities to have fist fights, get burglarized, serve as a whiteness to shootings, have helicopters fly over her house looking for her friends, etc… So my plan actually worked which was to do everything possible to have my kids not to have to grow up in the environment that I did. So for some, her life is normal, to me it’s night and day to what I was used to when I was growing…

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