Now what???

You see sometime life feels like waves of heat and cold alternating to confuse your senses. Yeah, it’s strange how things play themselves out and how you can find grace and peace in the fiery center of an angry swarm of yellow jackets, and yet sit restless in a field of soft grass spotted with cute daisies with a turquoise sky well bedded with fluffy white clouds.

We want what we want, we see what we see and we feel what we feel. Reality is bent towards our perception and seems to flow just outside of what we really desire. We’ve, at least I’ve, chased an alternate reality for some time hoping to align these parallel truths.

My efforts are only rewarded in spots and moments where my desires and my reality cross. It is these moments that I yearn for, push for, live for, and for which I strive. You see they keep me going like the perfect stroke of the golf club that produces the perfect sound of ball and sweet spot coming together for that ear and eye candy drive that sails straight and true landing ever so softly in the center of the fairway. Like the joke among friends that seems to grow with each contribution from loved ones. It just seems to string along so gracefully keeping you bent over or bent back in laughter barely finding breath between chuckles. Like the quiet cup of joe in the morning when all is still quiet and uninterrupted and you are on time, hell ahead of time for once. Like the smile of a daughter just before an embrace who wants nothing and is expecting nothing except to be happy to see you.

As stated, I live for these moments and I love them. I only wish I could string more of them  together consecutively.

One day I will… One day I will…

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