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Many of you may already know me well and many not so much… Some professionally, some very personally. I’m sure that there are friends of old that have past memories of who I once was (omg…). Well, this is just a means for me to do something that I’ve thought about for some time. I feel that I have much to share and have put it off for so long. Well here we go.


I was inspired by my brother who actually took a very good stab at a 365 day blog. Mine will be weekly and not daily. However topics will be broad and will have much room for healthy debate and discussion. Topics will vary and cross all spectrums to include faith, wealth, philosophy, hate, love, etc… It will be fun!


I will post on my blog and then have it linked so as to also post to FB and Twitter. While I can’t promise a response on FB, I will be very engaged on the blog site itself. I will respond to questions openly and candidly. My responses will be candid, raw, and respectful. Folks who choose to also engage in the discussion to post responses, comments, or challenges on the blog site.


The site is


With this blog I have no expectations other than to possibly help someone. There is no hidden agenda and no specific purpose other than to help someone. Many may not agree with my perspective or sentiments. Many topics will be nuanced and will allow for many perspectives outside of my own. I am hoping that many will check in and join me in some of the discussions.


The first one will follow tonight. I invite all to join me.



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