Political me

The following was posted on FB relevant to president Obama’s announcement of his support of gay marriage.

“The dogmatic and hard line approach on some of these things are reminiscent of a purist nature that historically has been the very basis for ethnic cleansing, religious persecution, rating women as second class citizens, etc… All the horrors of human history have been based on a self centered entitlement to and a feeling of obligation to impose ones will and beliefs upon another. I say live and let live. What does allowing people to “marry” in this case take away from all other at a practical and functional level. The answer is clear… “absolutely nothing”. I think people should free themselves of the tension that comes from being entitled to control or deny another a privilege. Although I don’t understand how the heck a man could want another man, I refuse to get between them… yes “pun” intended!”

Your thoughts???

4 thoughts on “Political me

  1. Shandora says:

    President express his personal views on Gaye marriage and some of us are all upset about it talking about you not voting, that just his belief what about everything else economy, jobs, college education for ou kids, regardless to what he believe he has been working hard for this country. I believe people have choice to live their life as to how want to, who are we to judge. He same president today as he was yesterday .


    • Shan, what’s interesting to me is that in a country where there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, many christians try to impose their beliefs on others. Even without my christian beliefs, I just can’t understand the attraction between the same sex, however those same beliefs would prevent me from ending someone a privilege that i have when it really doesn’t impact me. In essence, what’s next??? Should we ban them as teachers because we don’t want our kids to be exposed? How about from public places? maybe we just round them up into camps??? Sounds familiar? It’s really a story that has always had bad endings. People really need to check themselves a bit from my perspective and steer clear of the dogma that seems to take over the conversation.


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